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2022 Spring Weekend Hockey

Spring Weekend Schedule

Schedule can be found on the team pages by clicking the team tab on the left.

2022 Spring Weekend Hockey Season

The spring season runs from April 2 through June 12. Register online at Potomac Patriots.

Mites (2014-2017) — $529
The mites program focuses on skills development. The goal is to keep players active with lots of opportunities to experiment and grow. Mites do get plenty of opportunities to scrimmage and play the game of hockey, but the focus is on personal skills and development. Mites play 4 on 4 cross-ice hockey. For more information, please contact Mite House Lead, Andrew Clos (

Lower, Middle & Upper House 

$579 Early Registration / $629 Late Registration (after 2/28)

Lower House Birth Years  2011 - 2013 Non-body checking
Middle House Birth Years  2008 - 2010 Non-body checking
Upper House Birth years  2003 - 2007

Competitive Contact

No body checking

The lower, middle, & upper house divisions will compete in the Intra-County Hockey League (ICL). Teams will play against teams from the Piedmont Predators. Games will be played at Haymarket or PWIC.

Coaches Call - Coaches are essential for a successful season. If you are interested in being a coach/volunteer, please sign up during player registration. Reference the Coaches Page for certification requirements. If you have any questions, please contact the Director of REC Hockey, Matt Little (