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Patriots Youth Travel Hockey

Head Coaches for 2020-2021 Travel Season

U8 1: Ben Levassuer*

U8 2: TBA

U10 1: Ben Levassuer*

U10 2: JP Leblanc*

U12 1: Chris Purdham*

U12 2: Robin Couch

U14 1: RJ Zeigler / Drew Cohen

U14 2: Rob House

U16 HP (USPHL): Mat Culcasi

U16 2: TBA

U18: TBA


*Parent coach selections will be finalized after tryouts once final player selections are made. Coaches listed are those deemed most qualified for the position, however changes can occur during tryouts based on independent evaluations.

USA Hockey Concussion Policy

If you suspect that a player has a concussion, you should take the following steps:

  1. Remove athlete from play

  2. Ensure athlete is evaluated by an appropriate health care professional. Do not try to judge the seriousness of the injury yourself.

  3. Inform athlete's parents or guardians about the known or possible concussion and give them the fact sheet on concussion.

  4. Allow athlete to return to play only with permission from an appropriate health care professional.

It's better to miss one game than the whole season

For more information and to order additional materials free of charge, visit:

Policy Regarding Abusive Behavior

The Potomac Patriots does not condone any acts of abusive behavior by its members towards officials, coaches, players, or spectators. All members have signed the Code of Conduct in accordance with Patriots' Operational Guidelines and will be held accountable for their actions.  For full policy details, click on the link below.

Travel Lead

Travel Lead

Zachary Vit

Player Advancement Policy

One of the strengths of the Potomac Patriots is our ladder of development.  Most programs do not possess the upward mobility opportunities through the High Performance and Junior programs as we do; not just at tryouts, but at any point during the season (per USAH rules regarding roster freeze dates).  Our policy is that when a player has demonstrated the ability to play at a higher level, then they should be given that opportunity when possible.  This "Player Advancement" could be temporary or permanent and is dependent on multiple factors with both teams.

Highlights of the policy include:

1.  A  "Player Advancement" is executed when a player from a lower level team is transferred to a team that is participating in a higher level of play.  The advancement can be for as little as one game, up to the remainder of the season, or any duration in between.

2.  "Player Advancement" opportunities are potentially more frequent in the case of an injured or missing player, but are mainly aimed at providing players an opportunity for growth mid-season.

3.  Limitations to this policy include:

     a.  Youth Travel and Juniors Programs.

     b.  Birth year constraints (for example, a Bantam player cannot be advanced to a Midget team).

     c.  CBHL, USPHL or USA hockey roster requirements.

4.  A temporary "Player Advancement" should not result in any financial transaction or additional fees to be administered by the organization to the player.

5.  A "Player Advancement" request should be made by the requesting coach to the General Manager in advance.  The General Manager will work with the both impacted coachers (sender and receiver) to minimize impacts.  Additionally he will ensure the advancement is suitable for the player's family.  Final approval and time duration will be approved by the General Manager and sent to both team's coaches.