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Patriots REC Hockey

REC Program Overview

Welcome to Patriot's Recreational Hockey! This part of the organization is geared toward the weekend only hockey player. It is the Patriots goal to provide our players with the best recreational hockey experience possible.

Rec/House hockey has two separate weekend based playing seasons each year.
       Fall/Winter Season:  Early Sept thru Late Feb
       Spring Season:  Early April Thru mid Jun

Hockey is organized according to birth year age groups set by USA Hockey. A players birth year determines which division they participate in, not their age. Each group is made up of two birth years, a major & minor birth year. 

6 & Under (Mini)

8 & Under (Mite)  

10 & Under (Squirt)  

12 & Under (PeeWee)  

14 & Under (Bantam)  

18 & Under (Midget)  - this is a four birth year division

The key to a successful Recreational League is for the club to do our best to produce balanced teams across each division. The process to achieve balanced teams is to evaluate each player during the first weekend of each season. During evaluations each player is grouped/graded based on their capability and skills. Head coaches  conduct a draft to create balanced teams. Further changes may take place after the draft if it is determined adjustments are required to better balance teams. 

As a result of the priority and process of team development, it may not be possible for your player to be placed on the same team as a friend or under a specific coach. Any and all special requests of this nature will be considered, but realize the Patriots priority is to first and foremost produce balanced teams.  

Our younger skaters play in the 6U & 8U Mite Program. This program is focused on skills development, not totally different from those who participated in Learn to Play Hockey. The goal is to keep players active with lots of opportunity to experiment and grow. Mites do get plenty of opportunity to scrimmage and play the game of hockey, but the focus is personal skills and development. Mites play 4 on 4 cross ice hockey. During the fall season, mites have the opportunity to participate in numerous jamborees and a mite tournament or two. 

If you are new to hockey, please review the content in the "Parent Page" and "New to Hockey" tabs on the left. Also visit the "House FAQs" page for additional info.

USAH Zero Tolerance Policy

In an effort to make ice hockey a more desirable and rewarding experience for all participants, USA Hockey instituted a zero tolerance policy beginning with the 1992-93 season. This policy requires all players, coaches, officials, team officials and administrators and parents/spectators to maintain a sportsmanlike and educational atmosphere before, during and after all USA Hockey-sanctioned games.

Thus, the following points of emphasis must be implemented by all referees and linesmen:


A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (zero tolerance) shall be assessed whenever a player:

  1. Openly disputes or argues any decision by an official.
  2. Uses obscene or vulgar language at any time, including any swearing, even if it is not directed at a particular person.
  3. Visually demonstrates any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision. Any time that a player persists in any of these actions, they shall be assessed a misconduct penalty. A game misconduct shall result if the player continues such action.


A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct (zero tolerance) shall be assessed whenever a coach:

  1. Openly disputes or argues any decision by an official.
  2. Uses obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at any time.
  3. Visually displays any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision including standing on the boards or standing in the bench doorway with the intent of inciting the officials, players or spectators.

Any time that a coach persists in any of these actions, he/she shall be assessed a game misconduct penalty.


Officials are required to conduct themselves in a businesslike, sportsmanlike, impartial and constructive manner at all times. The actions of an official must be above reproach. Actions such as “baiting” or inciting players or coaches are strictly prohibited.

Officials are ambassadors of the game and must always conduct themselves with this responsibility in mind.


The game will be stopped by game officials when parents/spectators displaying inappropriate and disruptive behavior interfere with other spectators or the game. The game officials will identify violators to the coaches for the purpose of removing parents/ spectators from the spectator’s viewing and game area. Once
removed, play will resume. Lost time will not be replaced and violators may be subject to further disciplinary action by the local governing body. This inappropriate and disruptive behavior shall include:

  1. Use of obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at any time.
  2. Taunting of players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.
  3. Throwing of any object in the spectators viewing area, players bench, penalty box or on ice surface, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard.