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Team Manager Page

Thank you for stepping up to fill this need for your player’s team. As a team manager there are a few items that you yourself need to complete prior to fulfilling the role.

1. USAH # Register for USA Hockey as a Volunteer (Free!)

2. Background Screening ($20.50 fee)

Background screening is an important element of the SafeSport Program. Each coach, volunteer or employee who has regular, routine or frequent access to youth participants must have a background screening completed.

3. SafeSport Program Training (Free!)

All Team Manager Duties are defined in the “Team Managers Training Presentation” on the CCHL website.

Team Binder

The binder will consist of

  1. Team Roster (1T)
  2. Player's Code of Conduct
  3. Consent to Treat
  4. Score Sheets
  5. Scoresheet Stickers
  6. CCHL Rules and Regulations.

This binder will need to be at every CCHL league game.

Team Roster

USA Hockey requires players to have a valid USA Hockey# and to provide a birth certificate to verify DOB before they can be on an approved roster (1T). Submitting a birth certificate to USA Hockey only needs to be done once. If players have provided them to the club in the past, it shouldn’t be required again. The players will also need a valid USA Hockey # for the current hockey Season.
Note - If a player does not have a valid USAH #, they will not able to participate in any on ice activity until one is obtained.

To start, send the following to the club’s registrar, Nicky Marshok ( 

  • CCHL team name (e.g. 12U White)
  • Each player's name & USA Hockey #
  • Coaching staff names (head coach, asst. coaches, & team mgr) & USA Hockey #

Nicky will then provide you with individuals who lack requirements (USAH #, birth certificates, coaching certs, etc.) 

Finally, Nicky will send you a copy of the Official Team Roster(1-T) once it has been approved. Pleases verify your team is designated as Travel N/A.


Scoresheet Stickers

This template is for a 3" x 5" label which can be purchased on-line at (