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Middle House Navy

Spring 2019 Spring 2019
Spring 2019 x Spring 2019

Coaching Staff

Ernie Ensign

Head Coach

Eric Eichner, Asst. Coach
Paul Rinaldi, Asst. Coach
Chris Simmons, Asst. Coach

Season End Round Robin Tournament

Round Robin Tournament (Saturday, Sunday, Saturday)

Win = 2 Points

Tie = 1 Point

Loss = 0 Points

The two teams earning the most points during the Round Robin will advance to Championship Sunday Game.


If teams are tied in points, the tiebreakers will be used in following order:

1. Head to Head in Regular Season

2. Goal Differential - Subtracting Goals Scored against from goals scored during the Round Robin games. The position will be determined in order of the greatest surplus.

3. Goals against - In order of the fewest goals allowed by a team during Round Robin games.

4. Most periods won during Round Robin

5. Coin Toss

Round 1 Points Round 2 Points Total
Red vs Gray - final score 2-9; points 0 vs Navy - final score 4-5; points 0 0
Gray vs Red - final score 9-2; points 2 final score 2-4; points 0 2
Navy vs Red - final score 5-4; points 2 final score 4-2; points 2 4