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Parents Page

USA Hockey Parent Material

USA Hockey has developed and produced hockey material specifically for hockey parents. For the best hockey experience for you and your player, please familiarize yourself with the information contained in the following Links.

Proper Stick Size

A good rule of thumb when sizing a hockey stick is when a player is wearing hockey skates, the top of the stick should be between his/her nose and chin. While in sneakers, the stick should be between their lips and eyes. 

Sharp Skates

This is one of simplest ways to limit player frustration during their hockey development. Dull blades impact your players confidence and ability in every aspect of skating. Dull blades limit proper acceleration, turning, stopping and even shooting. 

Players skating twice a week should consider skate sharpening once a month. 

Note - Brand new skates bought on-line or at a store do not come pre-sharpened.