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U8 Chambers U8 Wood U10 Purdham U10 Wert      
G32 G34 G18 G28      
G37 G38 G19 G38      
G8 G43 G36 T57      
T13 G73 G39 G58      
T4 T27 G41 G75      
T51 T52 G47 G80      
T07 T77 G7 G88      
    T72 G97      
    G9 T1      
    G91 T3      
    T18 T31      
    T23 T50      
    T71 T73      
    T75 T74      
U12 House & Tucker U14 Zeigler U14 Santagata        
G00 G1 G18        
G24 G13 G22        
G30 G17 G31        
G4 G44 G65        
G42 G6 G82        
G57 G66 G85        
G64 G78 T10        
G83 G81 T42        
G84 T12 T43        
T11 T14 T45        
T12 T30 T50        
T25 T48 T54        
T2 T53 T84        
T52 T56 T96        
T8 T58          
T88 T94          
U16 Culcasi & Couch   U18 Vit & McTernan      
G14   G35        
G25   G48        
G45   G71        
G50   G77        
G74   G79        
G86   T10        
G93   T13        
T22   T24        
T64   T30        
T81   T45        
T82   T47        
T87   T5        
T96   T51        
Practice Schedules            
U8 2-Apr 6:20-7:20   U10 5-Apr 6:20-7:20
2011, 2012 9-Apr 6:20-7:20   2009, 2010 10-Apr 6:10-7:10
  23-Apr 6:20-7:20     24-Apr 6:10-7:10
  30-Apr 6:20-7:20     1-May 6:00-7:00
U12 2-Apr 6:20-7:20   U14 10-Apr 7:20-8:20
2007, 2008 9-Apr 6:20-7:20   2005, 2006 24-Apr 7:20-8:20
  23-Apr 6:20-7:20     1-May 6:10-7:10
  30-Apr 6:20-7:20     8-May 6:10-7:10
U16 10-Apr 8:30-9:30   U18 10-Apr 8:30-9:30
2003, 2004 24-Apr 8:30-9:30   2000 - 2002 24-Apr 8:30-9:30
  1-May 7:20-8:20     1-May 7:20-8:20
  8-May 6:00-7:00     8-May 6:00-7:00


*Practice times are subject to change based on team alignment


Spring Coaches

Spring Tournament Team Coaches

U8: Phil Chambers

U10: Chris Purdham, Jason Wert

U12: Rob House, Bruce Tucker

U14: RJ Zeigler, JJ Santagata

U16: Mat Culcasi, Robin Couch

U18: Zachary Vit, Joe McTernan

*The number of players and skill level present at tryouts will determine how many Spring Tournament teams will be fielded at each age level.*

Spring 2019 Tournaments

All Patriots Spring teams will attend the CCM Showdown at the Prince William Ice Center in May.  

As in years past, each team will select additional tournaments individually.  The cost for the CCM Showdown is included in the spring dues.


CCM Showdown @ Prince William Ice Center

U8 - U12     May 3-5, 2019

U14 - U18     May 10-12, 2019


For questions relating to rosters or schedules contact the Potomac Patriots Travel Lead,

Zachary Vit at